Glass vases, simply beautiful!

Glass vases, they just fit in any kind of interior. A simple glass vase with beautiful flowers, they lift up a room for sure. Or a bunch of vases put together, just lovely!


Dream kitchens!

I've been living in this house for quite some time now and I'm really pleased with every room. But if you'd ask me what I would want to get changed the most, I'd say the kitchen instantly.
Below some pictures of my fave type of kitchen.
Who knows, maybe one day......

I've saved these pictures a while ago and so I can't remember where I got them from. I'm really sorry about that....If anyone knows, please let me know.


Herbs upon the wall

Seeing we don't have a garden but really badly wanted to grow our own herbs, me and my boyfriend came up with this idea...Herbs in little zinc buckets attached against the wall on our balcony! Doesn't it look cute?! This way we can cook delish food with fresh herbs all we like! :)

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