New ideas for the living room

Since I decided to give the living room an industrial feel I have loads of new ideas. None of them are really finished yet apart from the coffee table but it's just so much fun to create something new. For instance we ordered four vintage toolboxes where we can store the magazines, doggy blankets and what not. It gives that space an instant cooler look. And on one wall there was only a clock there and I was being playful with masking tape, so I came up with the idea to make a bulletin board. I only just started as you can see. There's loads of room left for colourful and fun pictures and posters. So whenever I bump into something cute in shops or magazines, I can stick it there. Fun fun!


Vintage bookshelf wallpaper

Just when you think someone must be really clever owning this many books, take a closer look as you might be fooled.
How cool is this?! Vintage bookshelf wallpaper! You can order yours from Graham & Green. A wonderful English company with loads of gorgeous and fun stuff. Must plan a trip to my fave ever city London soon....


Coffee table make over

A few weeks ago I wrote that I wanted our living room to have a few hints of the industrial style. I'm no where ready yet, but made a few starts. Like with the coffee table. At first we removed the legs and replaced them with casters. But I didn't like the colour of the wood anymore, so we sandpapered it. I really like the result and so there's no need of buying a new table. :P


Natural simplicity

Got very inspired again today. This time by these lovely pictures below. Even though I'm more into colour and a more "crowded" home, I really do like this as well. The first picture is my fave. What is yours?

Images from No Place Like Home


Picture of bliss

Ever since I went to Paris with my loved one last summer, I need to sigh when I see a picture of that very city. We had so much fun and I love to go back there again in the near future. But wow, what it must be like to have a view like this from your home....
Image: My Ideal Home


Colourful Monday

Just some pretty pictures with pretty colours taken from My Ideal Home, a website with loads of inspirational pictures.


So talented: Trine Thorsen

Beautiful pictures, amazing colours and breathtaking places.
I love all series shot by Trine Thorsen on her website. Go and check it out for yourself. In a hurry? Here's a little taste named Basecamp.


With a bit of pink

Concrete, industrial and a bit of girly pink.
I love these pictures shot by Pia Ulin! :D


Windowsill of good memories

Today I went to the garden center to buy a few new plants for indoors as well as outdoors. I got really bored with the plants in our windowsill, so I had to get new ones. I'm pleased with the plants I found and I also bought a thriftwood garland. I thought it would be fun to hang it in the window and it does look really cosy. It really fits with the other things there.


Greens & Blues

The colours green and blue, I'm just drawn to them, always have been. I love those colours for clothes and even more for our interior. I found some pretty pictures containing these fave colours of mine. Lovely....

Images: Libelle


A hint of industrial please

Yes, I'm sure. Been sure for a few weeks now. I want things in our house to have a hint of the industrial style. Been very inspired by some of you bloggers and now I want it myself. So today we bought casters for the coffee table. It looks so different, much cooler. I could show a before and after picture, but I still need to work some magic with the sandpaper before I'm really satisfied. And earlier this week we ordered some industrial toolboxes to store the magazines in. Hope to receive those soon. And next project, after I finished the coffee table: the dining table. So much fun! Below some cool pictures from House Doctor.


Beauty & Inspiration

Look what I found! Amazing pictures by photographer Petra BindelSo much beauty and so much inspiration to see. 
Just wonderful!


*L*O*V*E* part three

Got the day off today which is total bliss.
My little man is fond of my days off as well. Because that means there's someone to stroke him, talk to him and play fetch with. And when he needs telling to, even then he's a happy chappy. Or maybe it just means he's not paying attention to it all, hehehe. If possible he's even more happy later today when his main man comes back home from work. Our dog Bo, 7 years old...hope to have him with us for many, many more years to come! <3


When it's rainy & dark outside....

It's been quite rainy the whole day. But I'm OK with that. 
It's a Sunday, a lazy Sunday. The entire family: my boyfriend, doggy Bo, lovebird Jasper and myself are sat down on the sofa. Tea and biscuits within reach, Macbooks on our laps, the TV in the background...Nah, I really don't mind the rain and I just love the Fall. And when it's getting dark, lighting candles make the day even more cosy.


HK Living, fun living

HKliving is a Dutch brand that sells furniture and accessories. And not just any, it's fun, basic and colourful and suitable for all styles.


Vases everywhere

When at the Woonbeurs I spotted a lot of vases. Ceramic vases, glass vases....Standing on the floor or a big wooden table, looking pretty, so so pretty. I want one, or maybe two. I'd like mine to be of glass, big and bottle green or petrol blue. Though I like the ceramic vases as well. Owww, decisions, decisions. Must search the net for that as we speak...


Eyecandy: Neef Louis

As I told yesterday, we went to the Woonbeurs. There was a lot to see, a whole lot. Not everything was my cup of tea, some things were nice and some things were amazing. I really wanted to see the stand of Neef Louis because I already expected that to be amazing. And it was...VERY amazing. It was fingerlicking gorgeous! Every item was an item to drool over, an item I'd so much like to have. Must visit their store some day soon! 
Check out the yumminess below....


Woonbeurs 2011

Today we went to the Woonbeurs 2011 in Amsterdam. We've had so much fun and saw lots of pretty things. Like these lighting spotted at the VTWonen home and the 101 Woonideeën home. More gorgeous things to drool over later. Stay tuned! ;P

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