Lotus love

Many of my fave blogs are Scandinavian. For some reason I have a soft spot for their style and furniture. While browsing some of them I noticed the Lotus tealight holder, so incredibly cute, love them instantly. When we were in Paris I looked round for some, but couldn't find any...shame. But the other week when we went shopping in our own country, thanks to my boyfriend, I bumped into them. And they look so cosy and lovely on the piano. So glad we got our hands on them. Those simple things in life that make me happy.....


Garland with funky lights

As you may know my big love and myself, we went to Paris last week. I was hoping to buy loads of things for our home, so we visited quite some interior stores. One of them was Lafayette Maison at Galeries Lafayette. The first moment we stepped in we saw all these colourful balls in many different transparent tubes. Curious as we are, we wanted to know what was going on with the thousands and thousands of balls. And as it turned out you can design your own garland of lights. Each light of that garland is covered with a ball. You can buy an electric wire, available in four colours, consisting of 20, 35 or 50 lights and then you can pick your own fave coloured balls. Doesn't it sound like fun?! They're from La Case de cousin Paul. Unfortunately you can't buy them here in The Netherlands but you can buy them online. We choose the colours we have in our livingroom and I am ever so happy with the garland as it looks so fabulous. And we had the perfect spot to hang it and let it shine. Fun fun fun!


Splashes of colour

On a rainy day like today here in The Netherlands, I wanted to spread some colour into blog world. Gorgeous and fun right, this home taken from Bolig Pluss?!


Stunning store: MERCI

On our first day of Paris we went to MERCI. I heard about it from other bloggers and I was really curious to see it myself. The store looks incredibly stunning, very spacious which I like very much. The things they sell, from flowers to furniture look just so beautiful and what makes it even more special is that everything is donated and all profits go to a children's charity in Madagascar. 
There were so many things we would love to buy, but seeing we went with the train, there were some choices to be made. We bought for instance two gorgeous red enamel bowls which fit perfectly with the other accessories in the kitchen and two small gray bio-degradable cups. Wish I could visit MERCI every week.....


We're framed

We, my boyfriend and myself, had a plan. To collect some fun polaroid pictures of ourselves and our dog and get it framed. So one evening we started to browse my boyfriend's Iphone and picked the ones we liked or thought were just really silly. Then my boyfriend did his thing on his Macbook and today we had it printed out. And now it's framed and staring at us from a wall in our bedroom. Our bedroom is becoming so lovely...


Little bedroom make over

My boyfriend and I dared to go to IKEA during the holidays yesterday. Are we brave or what?! Normally I wouldn't go there this time of year, but we were on a mission. We really wanted to buy this gorgeous Maskros lamp, pictures of that soon....and two shelves for our bedroom which we...*cough, boyfriend* put up above the headboard. It looks much more cosy now, I really like it. And look what a sweet text print my boyfriend made me. <3


Studio farmhouse

Beach Studios is a company based in England that decorates and rents properties for film and photo shoots. Like this beautiful farmhouse, where I wouldn't mind living in, though I would add some colour. But still...isn't it gorgeous?!


As happy as can be

Woohoo....finally: HOLIDAY!!!! My sweetheart and myself are having 3 weeks off now and never in my life I was longing this badly for my holidays. Work's been an incredible drag and I was really counting down the days (ehum..weeks). And therefore just some beautiful random feel good pictures!! 

Images: Wikipedia and House Doctor.



I like to give our bedroom a bit of a change. Already been a bit busy with accessories and when we have our holidays (just a few days of work left, whoopwhoop) we will be putting up two shelves above the headboard. I like to think of our bedroom as modern, fun and a bit romantic as well. I found these pictures in Art & Decoration and now I'm in this total romantic mood. Shame boyfriend's not around, hehehe... ;)


Relaxing outdoors

Finally it feels like a real summer again after a few weeks of really lousy weather. And though I'm not complaining about our outdoors hangout, I immediately started to daydream when I saw these amazing pictures, esp. the first one, that must be my fave.

Images: Fresh Home
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