Be welcome *2012*

The last few hours of 2011 have arrived. It was such a lovely year with so many good memories. I'm looking very much forward to 2012. I'm having loads of plans and even more dreams... :D I hope to continue seeing you here and to gain some more followers. Thanks for reading and commenting, it's very much appreciated. Have a fun evening and the best New Year! 
Happy 2012!!
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She shoots and scores

She's from the US and very talented. She's Jennifer Causey, a photographer and a very inspirational one. She shoots the most beautiful pictures. I love the colours, the coziness they bring and in some pictures the calm. Pure beauty I'd say.


Swedish delight

Christmas is already in the past. Hope you've had a blast. I really enjoyed myself. It was the perfect Christmas spent with my lovey. Today some pictures from a lovely home in Sweden.

                       Images: Freshome


Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Herewith I'd like to wish you all an amazing Christmas! I hope you'll have the Christmas you were hoping for. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest and I'll be back after Christmas. HAVE FUN!! 

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Quirky X-mas shots from home

Just some Christmas shots from our home. Only four days left...
Have a lovely day everybody and lots of fun preparing whatever Christmassy.


In the mood for Christmas

Counting down really has started. This time next week it's Christmas. I really can't wait and that's why I collected a few pretty Christmas pictures. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. :D

                         Images: Pinterest                        


With a twist

I really do like Christmas trees, a lot. But this year I decided to take some branches and decorate those. And today VTWonen showed some more fun ways of how to make your home festive. Be inspired!


Winter love

Soon it'll be winter. And I must say I'm secretly looking forward to snow. No idea if we'll have some snow this year or maybe next, but how lovely it would be to have some snow again this Christmas?! That would be perfect right?! To wake up and see all this fresh snow.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed and in the meantime I'll drool over these cosy pictures.

                      Images: Pinterest


Our Christmas branches

I was really looking forward to get our Christmas decoration completely done. And yesterday was the day. My love, our dog and I had a nice stroll in the woods where I also collected some nice stuff like pinecones, pine branches, leaves and holly. We got ourselves some branches to decorate as well. After the walk home, we had some nice warm tea and then more fun could begin: decoration time! I'm really pleased with the way the branches turned out. It's really colourful and fits with the rest of our interior. 


Our living room

Today on my day off I felt like shooting some new pictures of our living room. In two of the pictures you'll see our new office floor lamp which we bought last week at Lil.nl. We're ever so happy with it as it makes the whole front room look so much cooler than before. This weekend I will decorate the room more Christmassy with branches, but so far I did a few things here and there. Oh and one of the pictures shows our little project: the bulletin board. Still looking out for more fun pictures to stick there. Enjoy the rest of your day. :D


Bright Christmas

Yep, made up my mind. It'll be Christmas branches this year. Branches with all our fave colours like green and blue, but also bits of white and silver. This weekend we're going to get some branches and I'm so looking forward to decorate them. Of course when finished and hopefully satisfied I'll put a few pictures of those Christmas branches on this blog. In the meantime some very bright and fun Christmas pictures that I took from Pinterest.


NEW header

YAY! I've got a new header! After over (only) 6 months of blogging my boyfriend made me a new header and changed the font of the header as well. We sat down tonight and we talked about what would be nice. And as I have a thing for owls, we (*cough*...he) came up with this. And I just love it! I think it looks much cooler and more me than the one before. Check them both below. THANX MY SWEETHEART! <3

Scandinavian love

This post doesn't need much introduction. I really like this Danish online magazine Bolig Magasinet. There's so much to see and so much to inspire you. I took these lovely pictures below from their site. If you don't know it yet, you really must take a look one day. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Feeling blue & green

Our living room has got hints of grey, white, brown and black. But when you'll come in, the colours that stand out the most are blue and green. I will always love these colours, they look so joyful. Some inspirational pictures from Pinterest.


Impressions of a Danish home

If we would ever move to Denmark I wouldn't mind living in a home like this. I really like the spaces and the features, they're so gorgeous. If you are thinking of moving there, check real astate agency Stadshem with loads of amazing houses for sale.



I remember when I was a little girl my dear Mum taught me how to knit. All I ever knitted was a scarf but my Mum knit me the most beautiful sweaters. Now years later I haven't got a clue how to anymore. Shame after seeing all these beauties online. But then again, I think I haven't got the patience for something like this....

                        Images: Pinterest


Today I love....

On a day like today, gloomy outdoors but cosy indoors, we watched a movie and later on I looked for some gorgeous pictures to post. I came up with these from Shelterness. You like them as much as I do?! Have fun of what's left of your weekend. :D


Christmas branches

This year I'm thinking of taking branches instead of a tree. And decorate them with lots of colourful ornaments and perhaps some ribbon. Still on the look out for cute things, but there are still a few weeks left. I'm so looking forward to decorate our home all Christmassy. Check out my inspiration. :D
                Images: Flickr and Pinterest


Wanna haves from Deens.nl

Ever since I am interested in interior I adore Deens.nl.
They sell all sorts of things, from textile to furniture from many different beautiful brands. Below my top 8.


Colourful sunday

I love colour, I need colour. As much as I adore the grey tones, I need to have colour around me. That's why these pictures below made me extra happy. Have a fab sunday y'all!

Images: Pinterest


*L*O*V*E* part four

Chillin' on a Saturday with my two fave men. Life is bliss. 
Have a fabulous weekend everybody out there. Enjoy to the fullest! Today our furry guy in the spotlight again....


So many things to see

Today a few pictures with so many things to see. It's like every time you take another look, you spot something new. I love pictures like that, they're so inspirational.

Images: My Ideal Home


Dreamy little lights

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, A LOT! Already thinking of how to decorate our living room and even what to eat. I'm sure it's going to be so lovely. These pictures with those lights inspire me a lot.

Images: My Ideal Home


To give & to get

Maybe you just feel like spending a bit of money. Or maybe you're already making your Christmas wishlist... Either way, you must take a look at Not on the High Street. Founders Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish brought countless of gorgeous stuff under one roof.
Get yourself a cup of tea, make sure it's nice and warm indoors and start browsing their webshop. I'm sure it'll keep you entertained for quite some time. Below a few of the pretty things they sell.


Brown * Black * White & Grey

Lately I keep finding beautiful pictures with loads of amazing items in that very shot. Watch these, so many pretty things that could inspire you. It sure inspired me.

Images: My Ideal Home


Inspiring & Industrial

With yesterday's blogpost I said I could so live there. But today I bumped into another amazing place at Design Attractor. How much fun it would be to swap from week to week?! Nah, I like to call one house my home and then again, I hate packing! Good thing we can search the net and daydream every now and then.


I could so live here

I was browsing My Ideal Home and found these beauties. I just found them randomly and I don't think they're all from one home. But I sure wouldn't mind living in a house with this type of interior. How about you? 


Sneak peek in Brooklyn

I found that there's so much to see in this Brooklyn loft. And that's what I love when you're at somebody else's place. That you feel your eyes need to work overtime because of all the prettiness. I think this loft looks really lived in, I really like that. It oozes coziness for sure.


Beauty from Patchwork Harmony

I think I don't need to say much right now.
Sometimes beauty can be so simple. It hardly costs anything, those gorgeous jars and bottles from Patchwork Harmony and you can even take a branch or flower from your own garden. And there you have it...beauty!


Today I love....

These pictures shot by the very talented photographer Thomas Popinger are just true eye candy. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.


Let's stay in

I love this season! I love it when it becomes dark early, so I can light the candles. I love it when it gets colder, it gives me this extra cosy feeling. Yep, this must be my fave time of the year, interior-and fashion wise. Some inspirational pictures from one of my fave companies: House Doctor.


Today's inspiration

Just some beautiful pictures to celebrate November. I really do hope the temperature will soon be Autumn like, it's just too warm for this time of year. I want to wear my new winter coat and a wooly scarf.... :P Happy November everybody, let it be a good month!
Images: House to Home and  Aparat


New ideas for the living room

Since I decided to give the living room an industrial feel I have loads of new ideas. None of them are really finished yet apart from the coffee table but it's just so much fun to create something new. For instance we ordered four vintage toolboxes where we can store the magazines, doggy blankets and what not. It gives that space an instant cooler look. And on one wall there was only a clock there and I was being playful with masking tape, so I came up with the idea to make a bulletin board. I only just started as you can see. There's loads of room left for colourful and fun pictures and posters. So whenever I bump into something cute in shops or magazines, I can stick it there. Fun fun!


Vintage bookshelf wallpaper

Just when you think someone must be really clever owning this many books, take a closer look as you might be fooled.
How cool is this?! Vintage bookshelf wallpaper! You can order yours from Graham & Green. A wonderful English company with loads of gorgeous and fun stuff. Must plan a trip to my fave ever city London soon....

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