New fresh header

Lucky for me my sweetheart is into graphic design. And perhaps lucky for him I like to change things now and then. I'm not even blogging for that long and this is my third header and I LOVE IT!!
I got bored of the orange colour and wanted things to look more fresh. And my love did an AMAZING job, thanks again lovey! I really like the way the owl looks with his cute little wings and his big eyes.
And I'm more of a green person anyway (and red and blue..oops :P)!


Do U see what I see?!

I came across this picture and though it's not really my thing I really do like it. There's so much there but it looks so pretty and cosy and very inspirational. What do you think?

                        Image: Pinterest


The wonderful world of washi tape

Many of us just love it or are even addicted. You just NEED to buy more, more colours or more prints. Washi tape: I must admit, I'm crazy about it too. You can stick it anywhere and can get rid of it just as easy. Below some inspiration I took from Apartment Therapy and a few of my own washi tape creations. 


Colours to bright the day

We can all use it from time to time: something to cheer you up. And colours work wonders, especially in these beautiful pics.

                     Images: Pinterest 


Industrial style

It must be my fave style of this moment: Industrial.
And even though I don't want our interior to be completely industrial, I always like looking at interiors which are.

Images: House and Home and Freshome.


Thurday's prettiness

Today just some random pictures. But not just any random pictures. Pretty ones that caught my eye on Scandinavian Deko.
Check out this very inspirational website if you've got a  few spare minutes. They'll be minutes well spent I can guarantee you that. :D


Fun wannahaves

How much fun are these?! Wouldn't you wanna have them?! Or perhaps you have a birthday coming up and you can buy one of these for somebody else?! Fun stuff and me being quite a tea drinker I really fancy the robot thingy. Who ever came up with this...bravo!

Images: Pinterest



I could so live here. This really is my kinda thing. This apartment in Madrid just oozes playfulness and fun. Those colours and materials look like a match made in heaven, I simply adore it. And I love what they did with the bedroom, wow wow wow! :D

Images: Freshome


Girlie pink

Obviously I'm a girl, no doubt...lol. But I don't think I'm a girlie girl. I mean, I don't really like lace or frilly stuff. And I've never been a real 'pink' girl. Though browsing through My Ideal Home again my eye noticed these pictures and hey...not too bad at all! Especially the first picture with all the cool things. :D


Colours all around

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it'll be a wonderful year for you and yours. I'm thrilled about 2012... Bring it on! I like to start the New Year with some colourful pictures because that's my kinda thing: a colourful interior.

Images: Pinterest

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