Rice and shine

Danish company Rice sell the most colourful things on the planet. From anything useful in the bathroom, to kitchen stuff, candles, blankets, cushions or lamps, just to name a few....they've got it all. Love it, like it, want it!!


Paper on the walls

We don't have any wallpaper in our house. But taking a look at those from Ferm Living it seems like a lot of fun. Perhaps one small wall with really outspoken printed wallpaper in the future...


Northern Lighting

Northern Lighting is a Nordic company specialising in the design and manufacture of lights. They create lights for all different moods inspired by the lovely Nordic nature. Very pretty...



Our cute guy! We can't get enough of his pretty little face! <3


Soap looks pretty just lying there on the sink. It might sound odd, but that just gives me a very cosy feeling. I think I like it better than liquid soap, especially in the bathroom. I'm a big fan of those of Dille & Kamille, they smell delicious.


Au natural

Even though I'm very much in love with colour and I even want to add much more of that in our interior....I really like those natural colours in the pictures below. They are taken from Soukshop where they sell amazing stuff.


Take a seat

Beautiful chairs and sofas from Designers Guild. I adore its forms and colours. Hmmmm, maybe I should let our dog jump on the sofa with muddy paws, so we really need to buy a new one...

Happy Anyday!

I have a thing for garlands even when there's not a birthday.
They look cheerful and add a little more fun to every room. A little while ago I bought this turquoise garland and hung it above the doors and I bought two lanterns as well. Hip hip hooray! :D


Let's cook

Well, the truth must be told.....I hardly ever cook.
When there's lots of time to do so, I don't mind. But still, I'm not that keen. Thankfully my boyfriend loves to cook and makes the most yummy dishes, bless him.
I do like to buy kitchen stuff though. I love to make the kitchen look pretty and cosy. And now Le Creuset's got some colourful stuff I like a LOT. And doesn't the heart-shaped casserole pan look cute?! Shame they don't come cheap....


Black & White versus Colour

When we walk up the stairs towards our second floor, there's this rim where we can put all sort of things. At the moment we have two framed pictures of M.C. Escher standing there. 

But I like to change it into something colourful as I sort of had it with the B&W, for now. So I started to check out AllPosters and found some pretty posters with lots of colour. Now see what boyfriend thinks of those. Though he always lets me do my thing, I like to hear his opinion... <3


Gorgeous living rooms

While browsing freshome.com I found some more things to drool over.
Gorgeous living rooms, very much my thing. So inspirational, makes me wanna give our living room a spring make over.

Sweet dreams

I could jump right in! Beautiful bedrooms taken from freshome.com. I really do have a thing for scandinavian designs!

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