This is the gorgeous home of Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander. What an inspiration this is, just beautiful...

Images: Fresh Home


Moroccan tray

I have this Moroccan type tray on our dinner table. I love this thing. I like it so much, something I can keep changing within minutes. At first I had all sorts of candles on there, now I have a few others things included as well like this this lovely owl from the Fair Trade store and some scented sticks in oil from Sabon.



I would love, LOVE, to work for an interior mag, who wouldn't right? And I also love to play around with Illustrator. Maybe a bit too much, hehehehe.....

Image: our very own living room.


*L*O*V*E* part two

Our little furry man, who will be traveling to Paris with us in a few weeks time, relaxing in the sun the other day. Unfortunately a moment that didn't happen that often the past few weeks as the sun barely showed itself.


Inspirational colour combination

This is what I like LOADS! To me it looks fresh, cheerful and of course very colourful. That lime and hot pink, a match made in heaven. I was given loads of French Art & Décoration magazines, that's where the pictures are from. A beautiful magazine with tonz of inspirational stuff.


Back in the day

Breathtaking beautiful vintage furniture, lighting and other gorgeous things from Belgian online webshop Vintage Interior.


Glass bell jar

I have this glass bell jar for a few weeks now. For a moment I didn't know what I wanted to display in it. I'm not the kind of girl (young woman sounds soooooo stupid :P) for frilly stuff, so at first I bought some cupcakes that made the glass bell jar look nice. But that wasn't such a clever idea as both myself and the boyfriend love to snack. So those only lasted....a day, hehehe. And then it came to mind: why not put those rocks in there, which once belonged to my boyfriend's mother. There's this wooden box with lots of pretty rocks she collected. And so I choose the ones which looked best with our interior. I'm pleased with it, it looks lovely on our table and at least there's nothing edible in there for us to snatch.



The weather's just been terrible the past week. And while being at work, looking out of the window, there was this longing.... To take a very long bath and afterwards relax on the couch with a stack of magazines and a lovely cup of tea. Doesn't that sound very autumny or am I just dying for my holidays?!
Anyways, don't these bathtubs look gorgeous?

Images: Apartment Therapy


Paris oh Paris...

We celebrated my boyfriend's birthday yesterday. It was a lovely day despite all the heavy rain. I surprised him with a cake with a picture of him and our dog Bo on top. Don't they make the cutest pair?!

Now that being in the past, I'm ever so much looking forward to our trip to Paris in August. I've been there before, but that's been over 18 years ago... We are renting our very own apartment, which on pictures looks like a lovely decorated one. We are planning on taking a canal ride, see lots of things, go to some markets perhaps and eat lots of good food. Can't wait to taste real Parisian macarons, they seem tres yummy.
Counting down the weeks already.....

Images mainly from Paris daily photo.


J'adore green

Green in my wardrobe, green paint on the walls, green accessories. Yep, I think it's safe to say I'm quite crazy about green. Here some lovely pictures I spotted on Perscentrum Wonen. In the near future I will post some pictures of "everything" green in our house.


Delicious summer meal

This meal is the perfect summer meal. It's fresh, sweet and ever so yummy. I love eating it with baked potatoes and some bacon. No need to say that all credits go to my boyfriend.
Here's what you need for 2 persons:

* 3 heads of chicory
* 2 boiled eggs
* handfull of raisins
* 1 sweet/sour apple
* 1 orange

You cut this all up and put it in a bowl.

Special magic dressing ingredients:

* a bit of mayonaise
* a splash of vinegar
* the juice of half an orange
* a tiny bit of pepper
* 1 teaspoon full of honey
* fresh chives

Stir this all well and poor it in the bowl as well. Let this all blend and there it is...DELICIOUS!!

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