Delicious summer meal

This meal is the perfect summer meal. It's fresh, sweet and ever so yummy. I love eating it with baked potatoes and some bacon. No need to say that all credits go to my boyfriend.
Here's what you need for 2 persons:

* 3 heads of chicory
* 2 boiled eggs
* handfull of raisins
* 1 sweet/sour apple
* 1 orange

You cut this all up and put it in a bowl.

Special magic dressing ingredients:

* a bit of mayonaise
* a splash of vinegar
* the juice of half an orange
* a tiny bit of pepper
* 1 teaspoon full of honey
* fresh chives

Stir this all well and poor it in the bowl as well. Let this all blend and there it is...DELICIOUS!!

1 comment:

  1. Ziet er heerlijk uit! Ga ik zeker een keer proberen! Thanx en fijn weekend!


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