Cuppa coffee?!

Longing after a moment in the day, when you can have a relaxed cuppa coffee? You should try drinking coffee with this mug.
What a fantastic idea, just love it. Drinking coffee was never this much fun!

Image: 1designperday


For the love of wood

I love these pictures, found on Vart Nya Hem. Mainly because of all this wood, just so lovely. I'm a sucker for beams, they make a room look really cosy and warm. Check it out yourself......


Play that funky music...

Ever since we started to live together, there's a piano in the house. I'm not the musical genius, the boyfriend is. Here some
peaceful pictures taken from that very piano.


Close to living in nature

Ever wanted to feel like Jane, you know, the one from Tarzan?
Maybe you could try an interior looking like this.... :D


Snug with a rug

And then there it is, all of a sudden.... A thing for rugs.
Since I bought one myself for our bedroom, I'm in love with rugs. Admit it, don't they look pretty in these rooms?! 


Industrial: The colours of Fall

Even though the Summer sucked I was so much looking forward to Fall. And now it's official: it's Fall. Browsing through Art & Decoration I saw all these beautiful pictures containing industrial items with some of the pretty Fall colours. Cool biker boots, knitted dresses, hot cocoa, cosy & warm indoors, cuddling up with my love on the sofa (we don't need the Fall for that really :P).....yep, I'm so ready!


A hedgehog on the couch

When I posted about HEMA the other day, I knew I had to go there and see those new things. So on my day off I went there. I searched for this cute cushion which I saw online, but I couldn't find it. But this friendly lady who works there, went to their stockroom and got it for me. It just got in and it wasn't even displayed in the store yet. I bought the rug from my post as well, which I was right, looks beautiful in our bedroom. I jumped on my bike and hurried home And I was pleased, very pleased with my new purchases. The cushion looks cute, doesn't it?! It goes so well with all the other ones. YAY :D


Factory living in Paris

Imagine yourself living in a factory. A factory as beautiful turned into a home as this one in Paris. Everything seems so well thought through, but then again maybe it's not and did it all just develop. Take a peek...

Images: Living Agency


Hurrah for HEMA

One of my fave department stores must be HEMA. This Dutch brand with branches in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France sells about everything, from food, to underwear, paint, clothes, office/school stuff and what not. But the greatest thing to like, for me, must be their home accessories. And it seems that they are getting better at it every year. They even have a home brochure out now. I'm a big fan. How bout you? Below some of their latest things.

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Crispy Clean

Some incredibly gorgeous pictures I found on 1st-option.
As you may know I'm more of a colour girl, but this I do really like. I'm a very big admirer of that kitchen..WOW!


Shine a light

My boyfriend and I went to the thrift shop a little while ago to see if they'd sell some amplifiers. When we bumped into this magnifier for making pictures. Or course we didn't need the whole thing, so the price they asked for it, 50 euros, was a bit too much for just the lampshade.
Then one day my boyfriend went back to the shop and talked the people there into it to sell it to him for only 5 euro. Lucky us!
We used some fabric wire that was left over and now it's hanging beautifully in our hallway. Perfect!


La Vie Jolie

I was already a big fan of La Vie Jolie. I posted about this amazing Dutch webshop before. And after browsing their site again and bumping into the Swedish brand Serholt Sweden, I grew into an even bigger fan. This brand is just so gorgeous and pure and everything would just look beautiful with our existing interior. Below a few things, there's much more to drool over at La Vie Jolie. Have a look, you won't regret it! :D 


Sunday love

No words needed, I guess...

Coat by Mart Visser.


Pretty little things

I found these beauties on Etsy. Someone who's called f2images shot these gorgeous pictures. Check out their profile for many other pretty things.


Polaroid wall

There was an empty wall in the hallway which now turned into the wall of fame, well sort of, lol.....
Those polaroid frames by Umbra are amazing and you can write text on them with a whiteboard marker, so much fun.
We are planning on changing pictures every now and then, to give it a new look whenever we feel like it.


Colourful yumminess

When I heard about macarons, I just knew I had to taste them. And not just any macarons, but those from Laduree in Paris. 
That store is popular for it's macarons and there's pretty much always a line of people waiting in the store to buy the yumminess. I think we waited about 45 mins and boy oh boy, it was well worth it. *Y*U*M*M*Y* :D


Bulb on a wire

It's been quite a few days since I posted. Going back to work this week's been wearing me out more than expected, blah....
Now some fun stuff. We needed a bit more light in our study. And a little while ago I noticed these wires covered with fabric, so much fun. And not only that, they used lots of it. 
I got inspired!
When my love and myself went shopping in Utrecht, one of my fave cities in our country, we stopped by at Strand West. There they sell that sort of wire in many colours. And look what we made.....

Images besides my own: Alvhem makleri.
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