Stunning store: MERCI

On our first day of Paris we went to MERCI. I heard about it from other bloggers and I was really curious to see it myself. The store looks incredibly stunning, very spacious which I like very much. The things they sell, from flowers to furniture look just so beautiful and what makes it even more special is that everything is donated and all profits go to a children's charity in Madagascar. 
There were so many things we would love to buy, but seeing we went with the train, there were some choices to be made. We bought for instance two gorgeous red enamel bowls which fit perfectly with the other accessories in the kitchen and two small gray bio-degradable cups. Wish I could visit MERCI every week.....

1 comment:

  1. Wat een leuke dingen in die winkel! Heerlijk hé Parijs, wat is het toch een geweldige stad..


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