Funky Finds

How much fun is it to unpack?! To unpack gifts like when I had my 35th birthday last week, or to just unpack stuff you ordered or bought yourself! And then to put it on the table, look at it and smile. Small things make me happy, like secondhand cups. Or things picked out and given by my sweetheart. To know he went shopping especially for you while it's not his fave way to spend his spare time. That thought makes me melt even though Valentines day is not til Tuesday... ;P
Anyways, more bout the lovely gifts later, below some treasures I found.


  1. Hallo Chantal,
    Voor je leuke blog wil ik je graag de Liebster Blogaward overhandigen! Kijk op mijn blog voor meer informatie. Je verdiend meer kijkers om je leuke blog te volgen! Groetjes Greta

  2. Gefeliciteeeeerd :-) Enjoy your fun things.

    Liefs, Jolanda

  3. Greta nogmaals dank, ben zeer vereerd! BLIJ MEE!! :D
    En Jolanda, thank you girlie. Fijne week allebei!


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