Porcelain ♥

I been having a thing for owls quite some time now. I think they're incredibly cute and witty. So my sweetheart made me really happy when he gave me this porcelain owl for my birthday last week. And even though we already have a dog and a lovebird (non porcelain, haha), I really don't mind having a few pets more. Knowing that, he threw in another amazing porcelain creature: A parrot. It's really pretty and I adore the delicate little flowers on his branch. This one's from &klevering, where they sell the most amazing things. And so my love for porcelein began. And when browsing Accessorize your Home their online shop I had to order this lovely jug and funny pudding mold, which I fell for immediately. 
It's so much fun to add new things to your home!

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